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5200 Prototype Extravaganza!

Thanks to the generosity of AtariAge member Ianoid, we now have nine twelve new Atari 5200 prototypes to explore.  While many of these protos are late stage WIP versions with tiny differences, they're still interesting to examine.  The best of the bunch is a mid-level WIP of Dig Dug which has many interesting differences.  The other prototypes include: Asteroids, Berzerk, Joust, Qix (new page), two versions RealSports Baseball (2-11-83 and 7-6-83), RealSports Soccer, Sport Goofy, Moon Patrol, Spitfire, and Robotron.  Be sure to check them all out.


Once again thanks to John Hardie we now have a disk image for a completely different version of M*A*S*H* than what was released for the Atari 8-Bit computers.  This version is was developed by programmer Frank Cohen (of Clowns and Balloons and Ghost Chaser fame) and plays rather differently than the 'Dallas North' Atari 2600 game.  Be sure to check it out on your way to surgery.


Thanks to the tireless efforts of John Hardie we now have a rom for a rare educational prototype game called Factorman.  Do you love simplistic and poorly constructed games?  Do you love to discuss joint injuries at length?  Do you have a unquenchable desire to 'Get Factor'?  Well then, Factorman is the game for you!

Super Pac-Man Update

Thanks to the efforts of AA user Kr0tki, we now have a fairly definitive list of all the changes for the Atari 5200 and 8-bit versions of Super Pac-Man.  I'll look the other way while you go and check them out.

Late Breaking Protos

Thanks to the generosity of John Hardie, we now have new WIP versions of several Atari 5200 games.  All these prototypes are very late WIP versions, some dating to only the day before the final version.  What changes were made at the eleventh hour?  AtariProtos is busy trying to figure that out!  Until then, check out the following new prototype pages.  The roms for these protos can be found on

Choplifter 1-13-84
Gremlins 5-15-84
Millipede 1-4-84
Stargate 1-13-84
Asteroids 4-1-81 (Atari 400/800)
Missile Command (
Atari 400/800)


Alvaro Arroyo is at it again!  Thanks to his generous efforts we now have a copy of John Dunn's (of Superman fame) long lost game Snark!  Snark was John's first game at Atari an was not released due to it using a technique called Video Spin Mode which Atari was afraid might cause seizures.  Were they right?  You'll have to check out the Snark page and decide for yourself.

EPROM Madness!

Here's something you don't see every day.  Recently when an AtariAge user ordered some used EPROMs from Jameco Electronics he received EPROMs with official Atari labels on them.  It would appear that these EPROMs came from Atari's own EPROM library which must have been sold as scrap at some point after Atari was sold to JTS in 1996.  Could lightning strike twice people wondered?  As it turns out it could!  Two more intrepid AA members bought out all the remaining stock and also received EPROMs with Atari 2600 games on them.  While all of these games were the final versions (mostly in PAL format), they provided some much needed dates for when certain games were finished.  Of particular interest was the Atari re-release of Double Dragon which up until this point had only been mentioned on one late part number list.  Be sure to check out all new and updated pages!

RealSports Boxing, Double Dragon, Ikari Warriors, Xenophobe, Desert Falcon, Motorodeo, Klax, and Dark Chambers

Also please make sure to check the new 7800 Super Stunt Cycle page which has been separated from the Motor Pyscho page.   Thanks to the efforts RevEng, CPUWIZ, and Trebor of AtariAge we now have two more versions of Super Stunt Cycle compiled.  These new versions were created to support the Top Rider controller.  What's the Top Rider controller?  You'll have to read on to find out!


It's not often that completely new prototype surfaces, especially one from so early in Atari's history.  Thanks to the efforts of Alvaro Arroyo we now have a copy of this long lost 'Battleship' game.  While Sonar isn't a Battleship clone, it plays very similarly but is adapted to work on a single screen with a few new twists.  Where was the rom discovered?  Why was it never released?  Does it really require a stereo modded 2600?  You'll have to read the review to find out.


A true arcade classic, Venture was a smash hit when it was released for the 2600 by Coleco.  Today we have an early demo that shows how the game was shaping up in its earliest stages.  While there may not be much gameplay implemented, the demo shows some interesting differences.


Demolition Herby may not be one of the better known 2600 titles (I'm sensing a theme here...), but it's actually quite a bit fun.  At it's heart Demolition Herby is an Amidar clone, but it improves on the formula with a few interesting twists of its own.  Be sure to check out the new Demolition Herby page and give it a spin on your own 2600.  You'll be pleasantly surprised.


One of the more uncommon games for the 2600, Entombed is a simple vertically scrolling maze game that gained some notoriety over the past few years due to its unusual maze generating algorithm.   Programmer Paul Allen Newell has graciously made three of his early maze generation demos public.  These early demos served as the basis for what eventually became Entombed (which was finished by a different programmer).  Paul also provided a late WIP version of Entombed itself when it was still called Zombie.  Check them out why don't cha?


Programmed by Todd Marshall of Wickstead Design, 3-D Zapper was to be a 3-D shooter that utilized those Red/Blue glasses that everyone has a pair of somewhere in their closet.  Unfortunately the idea never got past the demo stage, but that demo can now be played thanks to generosity of Todd Marshall who still had the rom in his possession. So head over to the 3-D Zapper page and check out this interesting tech demo.


It's update time!  Thanks to the generous patience (and amazing memory) of programmer Warren Robinett, AtariProtos has been able to update the Elf Adventure page with new and more accurate information about the development of this mysterious game.  Was it really meant to be a direct sequel to Adventure?  Does a fire breathing dragon lurk within the game?  Was the game ever completed?  You'll have to read the updated review to find out!


And now for something completely different (well sort of different anyway).   Shootin' Gallery was a semi-clone of Carnival by Imagic but it was never released in PAL format (not officially anyway).  However recently a PAL prototype of the game has surfaced and appears to be complete.  Was the 40 year wait worth it for PAL 2600 owners?  You'll have to read the review to find out...

Spitfire and Xari Arena Updates

Thanks to the generous efforts of John Hardie, AtariProtos is happy to announce three new prototype reviews.  First is an interesting mid-level prototype for the 3-D 5200 game Spitfire.  This new prototype falls in-between the two previously known versions and provides an interesting look at how the game was slowly coming together.  Secondly we have two different prototypes for Xari Arena.  These two prototypes are dated within the same week as the most well known version of the game but have some interesting differences.  John also provided two new RealSports Baseball prototypes which will be reviewed soon.

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