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Odds and Ends Part 2

Today we have another assortment of odds and ends, all for the Atari 8-bits.  First up is are two new Dig Dug protos, one with some pretty significant differences.  Second we have a new version of the alternate Defender that was uncovered last year, this version is much more complete and interesting. Next we have a new Superman III proto which is slightly different the the final.  Then we have a new Jungle Hunt proto with a different copyright on the title screen (are we excited yet?).  Finally we add the names of the programmers to the Donkey Kong Junior page.
Road Runner Correction

Just a quick correction to the Atari 2600 Road Runner proto page.  For a long time I was under the impression that this proto was less complete than it really is.  This was due to the proto not starting up properly on real hardware due to a bankswitching glitch.  The result was a game that was missing features and had infinite lives.  I've updated my review with the correct information

Odds and Ends

I'm finally catching up on some long overdue 5200 reviews.  First up is an early movement demo for Frisky Tom.  Next we have an interesting name change for RealSports Tennis.  Finally we have a slightly earlier version of Microgammon SB featuring a color changing option. 


Talk about the unexpected.  Today AtariProtos is proud to announce that completely new version of Xari Arena has been discovered.  This new version adds the missing Trak-Ball support back into the later version of the game.  In addition it also fixes a serious game breaking bug and beefs up the computer AI a bit.  Check out the new review over on the Xari Area page.

Information Manager

And now for something completely different.  We've made an update to the VideoBrain page!  Check out the new Information Manager page to get the skinny on this newly discovered, once thought to be vaporware, VB cartridge.

Elf Adventure on the Shelf

Ok I swear I'll stop it with the Christmas themed updates (what, it's only February!).  Today we have another small update (no pun intended).  We here at Atariprotos have dug up some more information about Elf Adventure.  We've also discovered that there are two other earlier versions of this prototype (only one works however).  Check out the Elf Adventure page for more info.

Of Frogs and Pigs

A Small update today.  I've updated the information on the Miss Piggy's Wedding page to reflect some new information and theories about the origin of the game.  It's hard to believe that I never noticed this before, but that's what binge watching Muppets movies will do for you.

And a Pink New Year!

It's a brand new year here at AtariProtos, but we're still stuck in the past.  Today's update is a overhaul of the Pursuit of the Pink Panther review I did several years ago.  I decided it was time to update the review with new information and pictures.   Enjoy!

Merry Grouchmas!

Ho! Ho! Whatever...  We've got a special holiday treat for all you grouchy boys and girls out there.  Thanks to AtariAge member Wickeycolumbus, we now have access to a very different early version of Oscars Trash Race.  This prototype, while incomplete, tells an interesting tale of flase starts and abandoned ideas.  Be sure to check it out!

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